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Nike - After all there is No Finish Line

Nike - After all there is No Finish Line

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No Finish Line” is Nike’s design vision for the next 50 years. Through exploratory, multilevel conversations encompassing both
design and critical inputs to it — like sport research, technology and manufacturing — this research project celebrates 50 years of game-changing design and innovation in the service of athletes and sport. With a foreword by Nike’s Chief Design Officer and speculative fictions by Geoff Manaugh, the book features essays by Sam Grawe (author, “Nike: Better is Temporary”) describing five major shifts design may undergo in the coming decades as it evolves from product to platform, performance to promise, elite to everyone, sustainable to symbiotic, and static to sensorial.

With the intent to invite and inspire the next generation to join Nike in taking action to create a better world, “No Finish Line” is designed by Zak Group with custom illustrations by Bráulio Amado.

No Finish Line” invites everyone to imagine the infinite possibilities of design — and sport.

No Finish Line” draws on 50 years of advancing human potential to move the world forward.

No Finish Line” describes Nike’s culture of innovation via the athletes, designers and scientists at its cutting edge.

No Finish Line” celebrates design not as an outcome, but as an endless journey.

No Finish Line” suggests we can shape a better future by simply daring to create it.

192 pgs, 21 × 13.5 cm, 2022,

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