About us

I am an artist, creative director and founder of Southall's first creative lifestyle store and lifestyle clothing brand, House of A.E.I.O.U. 

Being born and raised in Southall, has inspired who I am today, my art and how I creatively express myself.

When developing my brand and going through my own creative and life journey I was faced with many challenges, one of which being self expression - which is now ironically, one of our core values we embody in everything we do.

But how do i tell that story? Of how I, someone who suppressed his own creativity and expression for many years, went on to found a safe space where self expression is indeed celebrated in every way possible... and part of our mission to always be positively disruptive?

Well.. I looked back... back to when I was a child, and remembered the vowels, and learning about them, and how vowels literally are the foundation of creating words, which create sentences, which in turn allow you to communicate. And therefore express yourself - allbeit in a very literal way...

That's when the House of A.E.I.O.U was born. I then turned the vowels, into characters, and based the characters on some of my family members - now I had something, I had a real life connection to the tools I wanted to use to express myself:

  • "A" is my Dad
  • "E" is my Bibi (Gran)
  • "I" is Myself
  • "O" is my Big Dad (Baba - Grandad)
  • "U" is my Sister.

Their values have stuck with me. And in turn have inspired the values I am passionate about expressing via my brand - whether its through my artwork, clothing or our events across Southall. Each Character, has it's own set of values, below, which we embody in everything we do at The House of A.E.I.O.U

  • "A" - Play
  • "E" - Fearless
  • "I"  - Imagination
  • "O" - Freedom
  • "U" - Language