Fashion is Boring. The Same. And Always Pretending.

Fashion is Boring. The Same. And Always Pretending.

It's always different, but in being different , it's actually the same... you know... Why can't we just pick up our favourite tee, shirt, trousers, whatever, and do what i do...

Visit the tailors in Southall, give them my favourite garment, shop around broadway for my favourite fabric, impatiently wait 2 weeks for it to be made, and probably then prep myself for the frustration i will feel, when it doesn't quite fit properly, but during that process, realising isn't this what creating something was all about - the surprises, the unknown, meeting new people, and celebrating, truly celebrating an imperfect garment because that's the beauty of creation. The trial and error bit.

Why can't we live in a world of samples, a world of unfinished, imperfect, garments? Garments that truly represent the bit we talk about a lot, but rarely display or represent in the actual garment itself.

Garments that take you on a journey. Garments that are the journey.

Garments that explore the complexities of the cultures and people behind the sewing machines and fabric stores.

There is never any guarantee .

There is no time to pretend.

There is only room for 1 thing: trust.

It's real, this process, the dhaal stains prove it.

I am like you, at the end of the day, hoping, desperately hoping, that the tailor didn't lose my favourite shirt, and didn't get any food stains on the garment, and they followed the brief, but maybe shit happens and they tried their best... maybe that is the point. Maybe the chaos adds to it all.

If we are going to celebrate the culture.

Let's begin by exploring the reality of The Immigrant Experience.

Maybe that's the bit. The beautiful real life chaos.

Maybe that is the bit we need to celebrate more often.

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